mageba Calculation Program


Welcome to the mageba calculation programme for dimensioning of elastomeric bearings.
This application enables LASTO®BLOCK elastomeric bearings to be dimensioned,
for specified loading requirements, in accordance with:

  • EN1337
  • BS5400
  • IRC:83 Part II
  • AS5100.4
  • AASTHO 2007
  • AASTHO 2010

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  • Export of static calculations (PDF format)
  • Export of drawings (PDF format)

The programme seeks to specify the most economical solution for any set of requirements.

Please note that the program only provides preliminary design assessments, which should be used only for estimations.
Your results must be confirmed by mageba before they are used for anything other than preliminary design work.

Upon request, mageba would be pleased to provide written confirmation of your results, so that you can use them.

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